Delta Air Lines

Original:  WebSoSmart made extensive use of interactive prototypes and participatory design in our redesign of Delta's 250-page call center system. Boosting usability with a visual upgrade was just one piece of our strategy.

In the screenshot at the right, the old-school, 'boxy' feel results from black lines between the rows and columns. A lack of white space crowds the interface and contributes to agents' claims that 'things are hard to read'.

Delta's Original Shopping Page

Redesign:  A more relaxed and readable look is achieved by adding white space between rows, deleting extraneous lines, and eliminating non-critical fields. At the top of the interface, additional filters offer more functionality, yet occupy far less real estate. Flight prices - generally the agents' main focus - are enlarged and easily clickable for a streamlined experience.

Our redesign included dozens of other changes.

Redesigned Home Page emphasizing categories