How We Do It

We take a cost-effective approach to usability

Quick-and-dirty "guerilla" usability techniques can uncover many problems and difficulties that users experience – without the high price tag.

Discover your users’ preferences, comfort level, and pain points

We'll gather knowledge from current and prospective users detailing:
  • What they want from the site or product. And what they like.
  • Their ‘technology barometer’ -- how much innovation can we introduce before discomfort sets in?
  • Zero in on pain points, understandability issues, and difficult ‘insider’ jargon

Maximize your insights!

No one knows your company's strengths and weaknesses like you do. We'll add usability, consistency and clarity to help get your message across effectively.

To take full advantage of your insights we can lead participatory design sessions that explore your ideas utilizing tested usability and design techniques.

We understand current ‘Best’ Practices – and the need to evolve

It's certain that the way people use software will continue to change. We can’t predict the future, but can help you prepare for it by making your site modular, flexible, and ready for new technologies.

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